Miranda Budnik

Associate, Interior Designer
Tel: 515.657.4725
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Investigation, at its most fundamental level, is how I understand design as a discipline. I love to travel and my innate curiosity about the world around me and how people interact with their environment are at the core of my success as a designer. Design is a constant attempt to better understand the human condition through acute observation, critical analysis, and through the immersion of different environments and cultures. This has helped guide me in my manipulation of form and context, anticipating human and technological demands, and watching the pieces reveal themselves to create a cohesive design. Each client, project and program is unique, just like each culture I have encountered, they have their own needs and constraints relying on an open mind, boundless investigation, and creativity to get to the core of appreciation. Pulling together all these intricate pieces of the puzzle is what I love about the design process.

Giving Back
  • LifeServe Blood Center
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Health
  • History
  • Good food
  • Good beer
Fun Fact
  • I have traveled to over 20 countries on four different continents.